PtLMusic Salesroom

PtLMusic Salesroom: As you cvan see we have a lot of professional and student saxophones, flutes, clarinets, trumpets & trombones.

Main Photo: Left to right

YAS-23 YAMAHA Student Alto Saxophone
KGSS-Prototype Kenny G Soprano saxophone, prototype with Selmer Mark VI style palm keys,
King Soprano Sax silver-plated body w/ gold plated keys, same vintage as saxello
Conn B-Flat Soprano Saxophone
RABS-VI Rheuben Allen New Low A Baritone Saxophone
YTS-62 YAMAY B-Flat Tenor Saxophone, Used,
YTS-82 YAMAHA Custom Tenor Saxophone, Black Lac Body w/ Gold Keys, Custon overhsuled at YAMAHA in BuenaPark CA
Selmer Super Action 80 Tenor Saxophone
RATS-VI Rheuben Allen Tenor Sax w/ Adjustable neck brace

Main Wall Salesroom

Left to right

YBS-52 YAMAHA 52 Low A Baritone
King Super 20 alto Saxophone, Silver neck braa bell
Kenny G ES Alto Saxophone
RAAS-VI Rheuben Allen Alto Sax w/ Adjustable neck brace
E-Flat Soprano Nicke-Silvr Plated, copy of Yana,
Ronnie Laws 24K Gold Plated Tenor Saxophonr last one will no longer be made,
Kenny G Tenor Saxophone w/ Silver-Plated bell section and neck, Lacquer Finish

Back Wall Salesroom

Left to right

JUPITER Low A Baritone Saxophone, Silver-Plated body, lacquered keys, solid silver neck
KGAS-GIV Kenny G Professional Alto G-IV

Repair & Accessory Salesroom

I have a small repair area to make adjustments when purchasing a saxophone, flute or clarinet etc. My main repair shop is at my house in Muncie.