Future Events

Future Events:

Mike Smith Master Jazz Alto Saxophonist from Babbitt will be showing the new Meyer and Otto Link Saxophone Mouthpieces.
There will be appointment times set aside, so players can try the new mouthpieces and purchase one of them if they fall in love with the mouthpiece.
“Yes, the original Meyer Bros New York alto saxophone mouthpiece that Cannonball played and had retro-fitted with a brass retention ring due to a cracked shank is now available to you. We believe it’s the best Meyer hard rubber alto sax mouthpiece JJ Babbitt has ever made and have even included the original Bonade style ligature. We believe you will agree, “It’s Back…”

Month & Day to be set. It will likely be after school starts so students will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

The most notable players that I know that played a Meyer Bros NY alto saxophone mouthpieces are Cannonball Adderley, Sonny Stitt, Dan Higgins, Mike Smith most of the great jazz alto players I know play Meyer Bros Mouthpieces.

The list of tenor saxophone that played Otto Link mouthpieces would likely wall paper the largest auditorium in the world. I would not know where to star but John Coltrane is a good place. Both the Metal and Hard Rubber mouthpieces are great, my friend Sam Riney plays the Hard Rubber on tenor, Dan Higgins play a Metal on tenor.