Clarinet Quartet No. 1

Clarinet Quartet No. 1: The International Church of Music Clarinet Quartet No. 1 is made up of local professional clarinetist. We offer many different styles of music but are basically a Jazz oriented quartet. We love jazz, classical, religious, pop, country and any great positive music. We are very lucky to have some great composers like my friend Dan Higgins, Gordon Goodwin, Bill Malcolm and others that have written us many great original pieces.

As you can see by our poster/banner, there are no photos of the members and that is because due to the players working a lot we do have different members form one performance or concert to another. (P.S. Also, I do not really take a great photo, you cannot capture my extremely warn & wonderful personality in a photo)

We all play for the enjoyment of playing the clarinet and to bring interesting music to audiences of all types. If you have a place you would like us to play please send me an email at: and we will see what we can do.

You can hear this group on YouTube first as the Hollywood Clarinet Quarter that we had in Caifornia for many years (just type in Hollywood Carinet Quartet) and now as the ICoM clarinet quartet.